(Psssttt…We’re Hiring!)

That’s right! We’re looking to grow our team!

Right now, we’re in need of an enthusiastic Digital Marketing Assistant to assist both Sandra and also play a key role on her client-facing team. You will have day-to-day contact with Sandra, CEO of Engaged Groups, but also will work with her team of techies under the supervision of the team’s OBM occasionally.

You are an independent contractor who wants to work with a dynamic entrepreneur with a variety of projects at any given time. You will be comfortable with a myriad of responsibilities, including, but not limited to; administrative tasks, market research, writing engaging copy, and fostering strong relationships with our clients and communities.

To ensure success in this pivotal part of our team, you already have in-depth knowledge of digital marketing techniques, excellent interpersonal skills, able to take the ball and run with it, ask questions when stuck or confused, and be able to work efficiently to deadlines.

Initial Responsibilities:
» Marketing: create and execute marketing plans with Sandra for her 3 memberships and her course
» Affiliates: prep or manage someone to be the liaison to affiliates, prep email and social copy, develop a contest
» Social Media: generate and execute an IG marketing plan
» Podcast: set up the podcast and all ongoing tasks
» Email Marketing: take Sandra’s fb lives and fb posts and generate content to send to her list
» Work with Sandra’s designer and tech team to execute
» Performing administrative tasks to ensure the functionality of marketing activities.
» Preparing promotional presentations and organizing promotional events and launches.
» Composing and posting online content for the company’s social media page and website.
» Building strong relationships with customers and communities.

What kind of personality will thrive working with us?
» Takes initiative
» Shares ideas with the team
» Loves to laugh but knows when to get serious
» Empathic, compassionate, driven and motivated
» Not afraid to take breaks
» Loves people

Technology you should be somewhat familiar with:
» Slack
» TeamWork or other project management system
» ThriveCart
» Stripe
» ActiveCampaign
» Zapier
» MemberVault
» WishList
» Facebook Groups
» Instagram

Availability (these are not all required work hours, however, these are the hours Sandra currently works):
» Eastern time zone
» Monday – Thursday » 10:30-3:30
» Friday – 10:30-2
» Heavy launch times are September/October and February/March.
» Light months are July and most of August.

Why work with Sandra and Engaged Groups?
» Because we value integrity, trust, inclusiveness, fairness, anti-hate and fun. These are the values that our company upholds and we expect our team members to uphold.
» Because we are an anti-racist, anti-hate company and support BIPOC and LGBTQ+. Our online communities are diverse and inclusive.
» Because we respect our team by paying them on time, supporting them personally and professionally and respect family time.

If this opportunity sounds like it would be a great fit for you, please use the form below to contact us and we’ll be in touch.

About Sandra De Freitas

Sandra has been an entrepreneur since 2005. She started off as the Tech Coach for Coaches where she coached coaches on their online marketing and did the tech and marketing work. She grew her agency to support her clients. The agency still exists however she is looking for someone to work with her directly.

Sandra works with entrepreneurs to grow, engage and monetize their Facebook groups primarily. She runs a mastermind and a coaching program where she also coaches her clients on their launches, membership sites, simple funnels, challenges and more.

Sandra has a degree in Computer Science, a diploma from The Coach’s Institute, holds 11 certifications from Digital Marketer and is currently enrolled in The School of Anti-Racist Leadership.

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