03: Q&A Session

Session #1

Time: 4:57

Q1: {Module 2} In the video you said that members can not add topics, they can only add topics we’ve already created when they post. In the HTV video it said people can create topics…should that have said choose and not create?


Time: 9:47

Q2: {Module 2} How do we enable the questions section so that agreeing to the group rules is one of the questions? I have 3 questions but would love for that to be there as well. Your example showed that you have your 3 questions and there’s a 4th that asks if they agree to the group rules. I checked under moderate group and under ‘create rules’ and can’t find where to enable that?


Time: 17:57

Q3: {Module 3} What ‘level’ of Zoom is needed to run events in Zoom?


Time: 22:48

Q4: How do I fix that frustrating issue with my images being removed?


Time: 25:28

Q5: I have 35 people who have joined my group since last Sunday, but only probably 6-8 who have actually engaged at all. That is disappointing. I sent them all a welcome to the group notice. How do I get people who wanted to join to actually jump in?


Time: 52:00

Q6: What do you do to get the most out of Zoom for webinars? How do you set up your screen?


Time: 54:35

Q7: Do you ever try to share videos during your Zoom call?

Session #2

Time: 21:10

Q1: I have a group that I started, I think 3 years ago, when I launched the course. And the group is basically made up of people that took the course but I do nothing in the group. Facebook is showing the group around and now it turns out that I named the group something that another herbalist named her course and a whole bunch of people now think my group is for her course. I have over 1,000 people in this group now, so I’m not sure what to do with this now. How do I respond to all the new requests?