02: Q&A Session

Time: 0:20
Q1: I am just about to launch my course use Amy P. method. I am working on my FB Ads for my Masterclass. Should I repeat the same masterclass for each one (4) or tailor each one to a different market like teachers, individuals, organizations etc? Also do I share in my groups about joining the Masterclass? Is that the best way to market to them?

Time: 7:23
Q2: What’s the difference between a watch-party and a Facebook live?

Time: 9:22
Q3: Did you use your ads to fill up your webinar or did you mainly get leads from within the group?

Time: 10:16
Q4: {Regarding Sandra’s Groups} What are each of your groups for?

Time: 11:27
Q5: Do you have for yourself a schedule of what you’re doing in each group and when?

Time: 14:41
Q6: I need to know how to invite members to my FB group via email with a link. I have a big e-list but I am not FB friends with most of the people on it. How do I create a link to send people to the page where they can ask to join? I’ve tried researching and am not coming up with an answer. I can’t find the same steps on my group page that are demonstrated on the sites I’m going to.

I copied the URL from the top of my group page but when I have friends use this it doesn’t take them to the group page itself and there is no way to ask to join. Can you assist?

Time: 17:10
Q7: When I go to my group page, there seem to be two portals (my word) one link takes me to something that maybe admin and the other one seems to be like a main page and the things I can do in either one are different. I am, my own admin so I’m confused. Will watch the replay of today’s Q and A as I won’t be able to join live. THANK YOU.

Time: 22:41
Q8: Is it good to invite members to your group, is that something that you recommend? E.g. you have a lot of people on your page but they haven’t joined your group.

Time: 27:17
Q9: What do you do to assist those who don’t have or don’t want to use Facebook Groups (and they still want to take your course)?