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S9E9 | group mini habit challenge

Episode Description:

Sandra shares how a group mini habit challenge has strengthened her community and got her members closer to their goals.

Show notes

“When a community does something together, they tend to stick together.” 

In this episode I want to talk about creating events in your membership that will not only push your members forward in terms of getting towards the transformation they desire, but also building a community together. 

In my membership program, Emerald Elite, we’re doing a mini habit challenge, so my members can move forward in something they’ve previously been putting off. I’ve created a list of things for them to do in 15 minutes every day that will get them closer towards accomplishing their goals. I also put together a digital tracker so they can share their progress. 

A lot of the feedback I’ve gotten from this mini habit challenge is that they feel like they’re a part of something. Doing these tasks together in a group allows them to cheer each other on, brainstorm together, give each other resources, and more. It’s so much easier to work with others than to work on your own, which is why coworking is so great. 

Creating these mini habits can also work on a personal level, whether your goal is to exercise more or create more. I want you to think about how you can help your members do this on a business level, or whatever niche your membership is about. 

Having a group event like a mini habit challenge is a great way to get your members closer to their goals, and closer to their community. I hope you try it out!