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S9E8 | Create a membership from scratch

Episode Description:

Learn the steps Sandra would take to create and launch a membership from scratch.

Show notes

“You’re telling them why this is going to be a valuable asset for them to invest in. Create that promise for your membership for you to keep in mind what you’re creating, and the value of what you’re going to be giving them.”

There are a lot of pieces to building a successful membership, and this week I began thinking about what I would do if I needed to build a new membership all over again. I created a list of the steps I would take, and I want to share those steps with you in today’s episode. So let’s dive in!

The first step I have to mention is something that worked really well for me during my Engaged Groups Membership Launch back in 2019. I went into my free group, told everyone I wanted to start a membership, and asked for everyone’s feedback. I asked them what they would need from me on an ongoing basis to get their Faecbook groups growing and engaging. From those suggestions I built aspects of my membership that are still really popular today, like my engaging posts I release each month. (If you’re interested in learning more about an Engaged Groups Membership, visit:

The second step I would take would be to figure out the content that I’ll be offering each month in my membership. From there, I would start planning out the content, like what I’m delivering and when. 

Then I would create a content plan for the year. You can go ahead and pick a content theme for each month, list the deliverables you need for each month, and create an annual to-do list from there. You can even go ahead and create all of the content you can ahead of time if you have more experience in membership. 

Having a plan and/or content made in advance can help you save time, and can allow you to take time away from your business when you need it most. 

Once you know what your audience needs and you have your content planned, it’s a good time to create a promise from your membership. Show how someone joining your membership can go from point a to point b, and why it’s valuable. You can use this promise in your marketing efforts. 

Once all of this is in place, I would create a free or low-cost event like a small workshop or challenge, and towards the end of the event I would put up a call about my membership. Let event participants know about your membership promise, and what they’ll be getting out of joining. I would also offer participants a great beginner deal, since they’ll be the first people in your membership. 

If you want to get even more insights into creating a membership, you can get in touch with me or you can check out our course Structure and Style, which is perfect whether you’re creating a new membership or starting another membership. Just visit to learn more.