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S9E7 | Lost all your membership content?

Episode Description:

What if you lost all of the content in your membership? Sandra shares how you can avoid the unthinkable with the right prevention steps.

Show notes

“I’d rather you do that five minutes of work now rather than trying to do this work when you’re panicked, stressed, and dealing with customer complaints that they can’t get access to the content they paid for.” 

In this episode I want to talk to you about the possibility of losing all of the content in your membership. Just this week two people I know have lost their membership content and are working to pick up the pieces, so I want to talk about the importance of having a backup of your content. 

If you lose your membership content you’ll have to be prepared to deal with refunds, cancellations, and a loss of trust. To avoid this, you can create multiple backups of your content. 

We’re no longer at the stage where we need to save things on floppy disks, but we can take advantage of backup storage in other ways. An external hard drive is great, and if you’re using a platform to save your stuff, make sure your content is on multiple different platforms. Sometimes platforms will change their terms and conditions or shut down seemingly overnight, and you don’t want it to take your content with it. You’ll also want to make sure your team knows where everything is backed up in case anything happens. 

Vimeo, YouTube, and DropBox are just some examples of platforms that you can use to keep second (or third, or fourth!) copies of your content. Be sure to do your research on each platform, and have content saved in secondary place(s) as well. Know what each platform’s backup plan is in case you accidentally delete something or get hacked. 

It always pays to be prepared and to back up your backups!