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S9E6 | increase your productivity

Episode Description:

Sandra shares strategies to increase your productivity when creating content for your membership.

Show notes

“What if you can create six months worth of content now so that you can work on other things over the next six months? What could you do with that time?”

Today we’re talking about creating content for our membership. Last episode we talked about how we don’t want to fire-hose new members with all of our content, so I’m going to talk about how you can create and space out your content for six months. 

First, think about what content you’re going to be creating, and what content you already have. If you set a goal to create all of the content for your membership for six months, you’ll have so much time to get to other projects, or to take a much-needed break. 

We waste so much time switching from task to task, which decreases our productivity. But when you bulk-create things, you save that time. 

To start, make a list of all the things you need to create, which is usually what you’ve promised each month, multiplied by six. If you’re not sure what to create, ask for some feedback from your members, or go back to the content you already have in your membership and try to find holes and make content from what’s missing. 

Go through your sent email tab; there might be some ideas that you completely forgot about! You could even do a content refresh on old topics. 

Another option is to collaborate with content. Find someone who has a strength in your area of weakness, and see if you can partner with them. Once you have your content figured out, see where you can fill it in. 

We’ll be going through this process in my Emerald Elite Program, where we’ll be mapping out and planning 6 months worth of content. I hope you join us!