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S9E5 | How to organize content

Episode Description:

Learn how to organize the content in your membership so new members won’t become overwhelmed.

Show notes

“What happens to people when they come into your membership and are overwhelmed is they tend to leave.” 

I’ve been working in the membership world since 2005, and what I’ve found is that when people first start their membership, it’s really easy to organize their content. But as the years go by, and they’ve been delivering content every month, their content page gets overwhelming, which can be intimidating for new members. When people are overwhelmed in your membership, they tend to leave. 

In this episode, I’m going to give you some ideas to help organize the content in your membership. 

To start, you’ll want to take an inventory list of all the content you have in your membership. From there, see if you can categorize your content by topic, or by level, so people have a place to start. You don’t want your members wasting their time on something that’s too basic or too advanced for them. 

You can create a roadmap with different stages so people know what order to consume your content in. You could also have a quiz that would tell them what stage they’re at so they know where to start. 

Ask your members what their favorite content of all time is, or create your own list of favorites. If you have access to stats, you can share a list of the 10 most popular pieces of content. You could even make timely lists, like a relevant list for an upcoming holiday. 

If you’re not sure what to add to your membership, you might want to check out our 80+ Deliverables for Your Membership, which are perfect for whatever stage of your membership you’re in.