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S9E4 | course or membership?

Episode Description:

Should your idea be a course or a membership? Sandra shares how you can decide, and even how you can provide both options.

Show notes

“At the end of your course, it’s going to be hard for people to leave, especially if you’ve done a great job of building that community. So membership is the best news for those people to hear that they can continue on with that community.” 

The other day I got a great question about how you can know whether or not your idea should be a course or a membership. With this, you have three options. Your idea can be a course, a membership, or it could be a course that turns into a membership. In this episode, I’m going to talk about those three options. 

A course should be something that your audience needs in a very timely manner, something they need within the next 2 to 3 months. A membership is for when your audience needs something on an ongoing basis. 

I have an Engaged and Profitable Groups Course, which is something you can finish, and at the end I offer for them to join my membership, which allows them to get ongoing updates and expand on what they learned in the course. My membership is more in-depth and provides things that work best on an ongoing basis, like monthly Q&As, monthly engaging posts to put in your group, challenges, and more. 

When trying to decide if your idea should be a course or a membership, think about what you’re going to be teaching. Is this something you could teach in 3 months? If so, it’s better off as a course. If it’s ongoing, it’s better as a membership. 

If your idea requires updates, it’s on the membership side. If it’s something that can be completed, it’s a course.  

Courses can provide a tightly-knit community that participants won’t want to leave, so having an offer for membership at the end can be a really exciting opportunity for them. If you do have a course but don’t have a membership that follows, that’s definitely something to think about.