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S9E3 | tips for membership retention

Episode Description:

Sandra shares tips for membership retention for when the economy makes it tough to keep members. 

Show notes

“If they’re reevaluating things, let’s show them how awesome our membership is.” 

The economy is really weird right now, and I keep hearing about people decreasing or not renewing contracts, or people leaving memberships, and I wanted to talk to you about that. 

How do we retain people in our memberships when there’s a possibility that they’re leaving, not because they don’t love the membership, but because of financial reasons? 

If you think your members may be reevaluating things, let’s show them how awesome our membership is. You’ll want to re-engage or engage with them regularly, make sure you’re helping them and answering questions, and try to think of how you could do this more often. 

Something else you’ll want to think about is personalization. Tailor your interactions with your members with their preferences and interest, and recommend the content they might need. Think of what’s timely for them. 

I’d also like you to go in and ask your members for feedback so you can see what they’re looking for and what they need. You could do a focus group or a survey to better understand where you need to improve. 

Community building is something you should always be doing, so brainstorm how you can bring in things to bring in more interaction. Something I love to do is a group call, or a coffee chat. Everyone comes on, it’s very social, and it’s like a very casual Q&A. 

You could also do special offers, where if you have something outside the realm of your membership, you can give them a special for 50% off so they can see that the benefits of staying in your membership are not just the membership that they bought into, but that you’re also offering them loyalty discounts. 

As part of my Structure and Style course I have a sheet of 80 deliverables that you can add to your membership, or that you could use as bonuses, so be sure to check it out! 

Also take a look at your onboarding process, which is key to retention. You want your members to feel comfortable and know where everything is. If you’re not sure where to start, I have a very comprehensive onboarding checklist.