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S9E11 | Celebrate Anniversaries

Episode Description:

Celebrate the anniversary of your business and membership with these fun ideas!

Show notes

“There’s just so many different things that you could do to show those members, and highlight and appreciate them.” 

In this episode, we’re talking about some fun ways to celebrate the anniversary of your business or membership. One great way to do this is to offer your members special birthday discounts or anniversary perks. You can also give away exclusive members-only swag. 

Another idea is to have special discounts to members on some or all of your products, or on a product that you’re offering for the first time. You can even hold an anniversary event, online or in person. 

You could also host a giveaway for members, where you hold a contest or give away prizes (just make sure you know the rules for your country about doing giveaways or giving prizes). 

Releasing exclusive content can help your members to celebrate the anniversary, or you can do a thank you video acknowledging your members and thanking them for their contributions. You could even do a member spotlight to showcase stories and achievements of different members in your group. 

You could also start a charitable initiative where you hold a fundraiser for a special cause, or do an anniversary trivia game within your membership. 

I hope some of these ideas are useful for you to implement when your business or membership anniversary rolls around!