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S9E10 | stuck in a creative rut?

Episode Description:

What do you do when you’re stuck in a creative rut when making content for your membership? Learn how to revitalize old or preexisting content to generate new ideas and products.

Show notes

“So many of us have so much content out there that we’ve created over the last few months, few years, and for some of us, even decades.” 

In this episode I want to talk about a topic that comes up a lot, and that everyone, myself included, suffers from. What do you do when you need to create membership content, but you get stuck and don’t know what to create?

The first thing to start with is to take an inventory of what you’ve already created. You might be surprised with what content you have already! Maybe there are things on that inventory list that you need to update or complete. 

Another idea is to search your email inbox’s ‘sent’ folder. Take the tidbits from questions you’ve answered, and use it to create content, or to generate ideas. Or see what questions you’ve answered in your Facebook group. 

In your inventory document you can divide your content by subgroups, and include the percentage completed that each item is. Make sure to include links to uncompleted content so you can find it easily later on. 

The next time you’re stuck on content, don’t forget to check what you already have!