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S8E9 | What you learn running a Challenge

Episode Description:

Learn how running a challenge not only grows, engages, and monetizes your group, but helps you to get to know your audience too.

Show notes

“I love challenges because you learn so much about your audience running a challenge. They will tell you where they’re struggling, they will tell you where they’re creating wins.” 

Today’s episode is all about running challenges to grow, engage, and monetize your group. 

Challenges are a great way to learn more about your audience because it gives them an opportunity to share their struggles and their results. This discussion will also cause your engagement to skyrocket. 

You’ll also see an uptick in new members, because people who aren’t in your group already will want in on the fun. Challenges are also a great way to lead up to a launch because they’ll have your audience excited, warmed up, and ready to buy. 

The first time I run a challenge, I like to offer it for free so I can iron out all the details and make any necessary tweaks before turning it into a paid challenge. 

You’ll want your challenges to have two pieces. The first is a daily training, which can be as short as 15-20 minutes. Then, you’ll want to create a sign-up page for the challenge where people will provide their email address, and you’ll give them small assignments each day that they can implement to get results. You don’t want these assignments to take more than 15 minutes of their day, but you do want it to lead to a win at the end of the challenge. If you don’t want to do daily assignments, you could give them a workbook to use throughout the challenge. 

Halfway through the challenge you can launch your offer, because this is when engagement is still high. Have a short enrollment period, and consider offering bonuses for those in the challenge to take advantage of. 

If you want to learn more about holding challenges in your group, make sure to check out my Challenge Launch Workshop, which will teach you how I design, plan, fill and monetize my challenges so you can replicate my strategies in your own group!