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S8E7 | Sandra shares strategies Pt. 2

Episode Description:

Learn some more advanced strategies to bring new members into your group.

Show notes

“Any time new members come and join the group, the engagement of that group just lights up.” 

We’re back for part two of growing your group! 

The next strategy we’re going to talk about is cross-promoting on other platforms. You can promote your Facebook group on Instagram and ask people to join. Instagram is great, but it isn’t the best place for conversation. 

You can also share the link to join your group in other places, like your Facebook profile, on a blog post, or in an email newsletter. In any of your events, point people to come and join your free group.

Another great strategy is to engage with other communities. Go and engage with other Facebook groups that share similar interests, but avoid going into your competitor’s groups. You won’t want to promote your group directly, because in many communities that’s against the rules. 

Instead, start engaging in the community, be helpful, and answer questions. Other people in the group will start to see you as a resource, and when they click on your profile to learn more about you they’ll see a link to join your group if you have it in your profile description, like we discussed in the previous episode.

You’ll also want to hold events in your group. Some of my favorite events to run are challenges. If your group has less than 4,000 people, you can run the challenge in your free group. If it’s over that amount, you’ll want to create a pop-up group just for people who are interested in the challenge. Challenges are a great way to grow, engage, and monetize your group. It’s timely, which will drive people into the group, and can really bring the community together. 

Another strategy is to encourage member referrals. This is a great way to bring in people who will be a great fit for your group, who will bring in new energy. 

In our membership we have many other ways to help you to grow your group, including doing challenges, live polls, and more, so be sure to check it out!