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S8E2 | Special Guest Marissa Axell

Episode Description:

Sandra is joined by Marissa Axell, a cycling coach and personal trainer, who shares how being part of Sandra’s membership has helped her grow her coaching business and monetize her Facebook group.

Show notes

“I think a lot of people come in and are like: Facebook groups? I don’t know… But it doesn’t need to take a lot of your time, really.” -Marissa Axell 

This week I got to talk with Marissa Axell, an Engaged Groups Member who is a cycling coach and personal trainer, and she talked about how this membership has helped her to monetize her group and to do market research. (Be sure to check out AXN Fitness and Coaching to learn more about Marissa and what she does!) 

Marissa had just relaunched her business before the pandemic, and she started using her Facebook group to stay in touch with her cycling clients. At the time she was running a group fitness class on Zoom, and she had a big following from that. When she joined my membership, Marissa said she went “all in” and really focused more on her cycling business.

She incorporated the lessons, content, and strategies from the Engaged Groups Membership to become more effective at bringing in the right people. She also takes the engaging posts we provide each month and “bike-ifys” them to fit her group. She says she gets about 20-30 comments for each one of these posts. 

Marissa says the membership training she comes back the most to is on engagement, and on using a poll to see what group members are most interested in. This allows her to do some market research before launching her next master class, plus it’s great for engagement!

Marissa said after she took one of my engagement workshops, signing up for an Engaged Groups Membership was a “no-brainer.” 

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