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S8E12 | Announcing Emerald Elite Membership

Episode Description:

Sandra shares the wins from the recently completed Recurring Revenue Summer Camp and announces the opening of the Emerald Elite Membership.

Show notes

“We were just having this interaction online, and it was so fun to do that and to get to know them a little better, and it was great to go in there and help them with a certain aspect of their business where they’d been stuck.” 

We just wrapped up our Recurring Revenue Summer Camp, which was one week of free training in our group. I gave them a workbook, and we did live sessions in the group from Monday to Thursday, and on Friday we did a live coaching session. 

I had people fill out a form ahead of time to let me know what they wanted help with, whether it was creating a new membership, bringing back an old membership, or more. This was my favorite part, because it was so fun to get to know them a little better and to help them with a certain aspect of their business where they had been stuck. 

During this session I was able to help five amazing women who are on their way to create great memberships. We created bonuses for a membership, created a new membership, brainstormed guest experts that could be featured in membership, took a look at marketing strategies, and thought of some gamification ideas. 

We also opened the doors to our Emerald Program, our high-level membership coaching program. We have 2 coaching calls just like this one, where everyone cheers each other on and brainstorms. We also have audits where I can look at your launch plan, membership, sales page, and community. We’ll also be having virtual retreats, with one coming up in the fall, and I’ll also be creating what we’re calling ‘shorties,’ which are small videos to help you answer your questions. If you’d like to learn more, go to, and we hope to see you there!