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S8E10 | Group gone quiet?

Episode Description:

Get ideas on how to re-engage and energize a group that has gone quiet.

Show notes

“That feeling of comfort and support and not being judged in a safe community will go a long way.” 

Things are always being shaken up in the social media world with new platforms that are coming up, but do you abandon the progress you’ve already made on other social media platforms? I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, if you’re heading to new social media sites, don’t abandon your communities. Use these new networks to enhance it. 

If your group feels dead and isn’t engaging, I have a workshop called Wake Up Your Dead Facebook Group, which is also included in our Engaged Group Membership!

If your group isn’t engaging, think about what could have happened that led to that. Did you change? Did your branding change? Did your focus change? Or did you burn out and needed to step away for a while?

Last episode we talked about how important challenges can be in growing, engaging, and monetizing your group. It can really bring in a community feeling. 

Another way I love to engage my group is to put up posts that are a bit more fun, like a game or a quiz. Recently I put in a quiz about ‘How Canadian Are You?’ And what surprised me was that a lot of Americans took the quiz too and shared how ‘Canadian’ they were!

People love doing quizzes. Think about if there’s a quiz that you can create in your own group. It will start conversations, and lets everyone share their scores and results. 

Don’t forget to check out the Wake up Your Dead Facebook Group Workshop for more ideas!