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S7E8 | Crafting Deliverables

Episode Description:

Sandra discusses what to consider when crafting deliverables for your membership.

Show notes

“You probably don’t realize how much content you have already in this membership that you’re going to offer.”

A lot of people have been coming to me to ask what offers they should put in their membership. Of course you can reach out to me and I can consult with you on your offer, but I wanted to put this podcast out because I feel like there’s so many people who could really do some good recurring revenue in their business, and they’re not doing it because they’re stuck deciding what their offer is. 

Before we dive in, I want to mention that there are some awesome workshops on recurring revenue in April on fill your funnel MRR and high level MRR. Be sure to check them out! 

I work on offers as well, and when I’m mapping out an offer I need to remember not to create what I think people need, but to take a step back and think it through. I recommend you do the same. First, think about who your membership is for, and what kind of business and life do they have. Are they busy? Do they want to learn new things? Do they have time to learn, or do they just want to implement? 

Then think of what they already have and what they need. Do they need a following or their own content? Do they need to write their book? What can you offer in your membership that can make a difference in their lives? 

Next, consider what your members want. Do they want to leverage their time? Do they want to become technical, or do they want a team to take care of it for them? What media format does your audience want? What are the results they want to see?

Now think of what your audience doesn’t want. People don’t want burnout, or an overwhelm. They don’t want to work longer hours. Find out what they want to avoid, and create a solution. 

If you’re starting out a brand new membership, you can always have a founding member’s launch, like a beta test. The members that join will have the largest say in what happens in the membership, and you can create an offer based on their feedback. 

If you’re not sure of what to offer, you can create lessons as they come up. Each time someone asks a question you can have a response, and this can become a part of a bigger resource library in your membership. 

There’s also a good chance you don’t realize how much content you already have for your membership. Make sure to go through your old material!

Before you go to price your membership, you should know what your deliverables will be, and how often they’ll be provided. 

Once you have your offers in mind, look back and make sure that your plan is doable for you. Next, consider if it will be too much for your members. You don’t want to overwhelm them, either!

If you’re still not sure about what to offer in your membership, I recommend my mini membership course, Structure and Style, which has over 80 possible deliverables for your membership.