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S7E6 | You As An Engaging Leader

Episode Description:

In this episode, Sandra discusses the benefits of consistent posting, bringing in new members, and creating events to re-engage a group.

Show notes

“Your group is not going to engage on their own. They’re looking to you as a leader to be engaging.”

If you’ve stepped away from your group or free community and it’s become stagnant, it’s time to forgive yourself and move forward. In this episode, I’ll share three steps to re-engage your group. 

The first step is consistency. Your group won’t engage unless they see that you’re engaging often yourself. Though it may take a while to get your engagement rate back up again, remember that this is a free place to launch your offers. You can engage consistently by posting engaging posts or going live in your group. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to give too much content away for free. Consider teaching something small every week. 

And remember, not all engaging posts have to be directly related to your business or group topic. If you were at a dinner party with everyone in your group and the only thing you talked about was the topic you had in common or your business, that would be a really boring dinner party! 

These engaging posts can help people to connect and find even more shared interests. 

Something that I’ve been doing in my group is a TV show, where we talk about memberships, launches, and community. (Want to learn how to create a TV show for your group? I’ve got a lesson for you in our membership!)

Step number two is to bring in new members to your group. New members tend to be the most active in a group, because they’re currently very interested in the topic of your group. They’ll also be looking through your old content. Facebook will also note that they’re very interested in your topic, and will show posts from your group more often. 

The last step is to create an event in your group like a live event or a challenge. An event helps you to bring new members into your group, leads to more engagement, and can even be monetized if you have an offer at the end. 

If you want to learn more, we just wrapped up our Engagement Plan workshop, and also have a Wake Up Your Dead Facebook Group workshop, both of which are included in our membership, and both have valuable information on engaging your group. 

Thank you for tuning in!