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S7E4 | Sell your evergreen products and services

Episode Description:

Learn how to sell your evergreen products and services and how to create an inventory list of all your free and paid offerings.

Show notes

“You don’t have to pay your dues in your Facebook group. This is your community, you’ve spent the time and energy building it. There’s no law that says you can’t sell in it, there’s no strategy that says you can’t sell in it until two years…You can start right away.”

In this episode we’re talking about making evergreen sales in our group. I find that some group owners are afraid to sell or share what their offers are. The sooner you start selling, or even the sooner you have a call to action for a free product, you will start getting more sales. So, the sooner the better, right? 

To start, I want you to make a list of all of the evergreen things you sell. This can be a pre-recorded workshop, a mini-course, a PDF, or whatever else you have to sell on an ongoing basis. I call this an inventory list. Whether you’ve been in business for a year or 10 years, there might be some products that you’ve forgotten about, or that need just a few tweaks to be ready to sell. 

Next, I want you to make a similar list of all the free things you offer. These are things that will warm your group up and get them to know you more. Then, make a list of calls to action for all of these products. 

Then, I want you to determine your goal in your group. Is it to build your email list to warm them up more? Is the goal to sell in your group? Or is it a mix of both? 

If you want to make money in your group this month, make a promotional post for each one of your products. If you have more than three products you may want to split this up over a couple of months. Once these posts are out, add them to a guide in your group and call it something like offers, or products and services. 

You also want to create a topic, which is like a hashtag in Facebook groups. They help you to locate things a bit easier. (You can do this by going into your settings, enabling guides, and enabling topics.) Your topics can provide a breakdown of your products. For example, you can have topics of workshops, courses, or PDFs. Make sure you make the topic obvious to what you’re selling…you don’t want people to miss your offers! 

You can keep pointing people back to your offers guide, or even create a guide hashtag that brings your group members to all the products and services you offer. 

Don’t be afraid to sell in your group! I hope this guide helps you to get started!