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S7E3 | Ways to engage your group

Episode Description:

Sandra shares ways to engage your group in 15 minutes or less!

Show notes

“15 minutes a day could really engage your group.” 

This week I’m sharing the 15 minute hack I use to get things done. I love doing things in 15 minute increments when I want to hit a goal. This strategy has led me to develop some great things, not only for my business, but for my health and creativity too! I’ve created a list of things that you can do in 15 minutes or less to engage your group. 

You can go into your group for 15 minutes and answer questions that your group members have. If you find explaining through writing difficult, you can use a tool like Loom or Vimeo to record the screen showing their question, and then answer it by speaking. Sometimes that can make the explaining process easier and less daunting. 

You can also take 15 minutes in your group to react to posts and comments. This can be as simple as liking or adding an emoji, but it really goes a long way to acknowledge the poster and to show that you care. Taking advantage of the full scale of Facebook’s reactions brings up your acknowledgement level, and it only takes an extra second to do. 

In 15 minutes you can also go live in your group and do a quick tip or update. This live doesn’t have to be the full 15 minutes, and maybe no one will join you live. That’s ok. A lot of good stuff happens when people watch the recording. 

You can also take 15 minutes to post an engaging post in your group. One popular engaging post I created was asking my group if the year 2020 was an ice cream flavor, what would that flavor be? You can also ask everyone where they’re from, or to show their pets. If you don’t have any ideas for engaging posts and don’t want to sit there month after month creating engaging posts, I really encourage you to join our Engaged Groups Membership. We give you at least 12 engaging posts a month so you can have 3 engaging posts each week.

Another thing you can do in 15 minutes is post an offer. This could be a free offer, like encouraging your group to listen to your podcast, or a paid offer, where you highlight a product you already have. You can also post reminders. This can be a reminder for an event coming up, or an upcoming offer. Maybe your offer is expiring, or you have a deal going on. Make sure your group doesn’t forget!

You can also take 15 minutes to acknowledge your community members. Welcome them and thank them for being here. Don’t forget to acknowledge the people who have been with you for a while! Sometimes we get too caught up with the new people coming in that we overlook the people who have been with us since day one. 

You can also play a game with your community. It can be something like a post where the first people who find it in your group can screenshot the post and can be entered into a drawing. You could play two truths and a lie, bingo, a word search, or a word scramble. 

You can probably implement most of these ideas in under 15 minutes to engage your group. I encourage you to pick a few to do throughout the week! For more ideas like this, game ideas, engaging posts, and other strategies, check out our Engaged Group Membership. We’re celebrating our four year anniversary in May and we would love to have you in! Hope to see you there!