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S7E13 | Special Guest Tiffany Noel Taylor

Episode Description:

In this episode Sandra is joined by guest Tiffany Noel Taylor, and they discuss Tiffany’s experience of re-launching recurring revenue, and the value of having a mentor so you don’t waste time or money.

Show notes

“Sometimes we’re too close to our own things that we don’t see it. This is why we hire coaches and consultants…we’re too close to it.” -Tiffany Noel Taylor

In this episode, we’re talking with Tiffany Noel Taylor of TNT Divalution about her first accidental membership…which went on to generate 7 figures!

After a friend recommended that she get on Facebook to find clients, she did so so successfully that others were left asking her how she did it. In 2012 she founded Divalution, and she’s been coaching, teaching and training people for the last decade on how to build a business online. 

In 2016 she made 6 figures in 6 months out of a free Facebook group. You couldn’t go live in Facebook groups then, and she didn’t have an email list or checkout page, but it accidentally worked. In 2017 she started a paid group, not yet calling it a membership, and it grew to 700 people. Before we met, she didn’t have any guidance building her community, and felt overwhelmed. She ended up closing that membership, and lost her recurring revenue. 

Tiffany said, “I didn’t have a Sandra in 2016…I had no idea not having those people was a big deal.”

Together, through Voxer coaching, we worked on member retention. I also got to support her by being a data nerd to help give her feedback, and by showing her through audits what she could improve.

Tiffany shared that a lot with business is changing right now, and it can feel like the wild west. Algorithms and apps are shifting, and you need guidance now. We were able to work together, and I was able to see her through multiple projects.

Tiffany said, “it’s kind of this magic superpower that you have where you know there’s money there,” and that working with me really felt like a partnership. Tiffany recommends not trying to go it alone, and to seek guidance to avoid wasting time and money. 

Thank you, Tiffany, for being on this episode! My cheeks will hurt for days from all the compliments you’ve given me!

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