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S7E12 | Avoid overloading your membership

Episode Description:

Sandra shares how you can avoid overloading your membership by separating your deliverables by levels.

Show notes

“Think about your audience and what they could use.”

When you’re creating a new membership, whether it’s a fill your funnel or high level MRR, you want to make sure you’re not overloading your members with content. 

There’s no judgment, because I’ve been there myself. When you’re designing a membership, you want to put so much into it. But it’s easy to overload our memberships, schedules, and to-do lists this way. And really, you’re not only overwhelming yourself, you’re overwhelming your members as well. 

One tip to avoid overload is to try to imagine yourself providing everything you want to include a year from now. Is it sustainable? 

Write out everything you want to include in your membership, and then see what levels you have. What on your list takes no time? What takes too much of your time? Where is access to you super high? 

Based on these higher tier offerings, see if you can make a higher membership or an upsell offer. Then limit these offers to an exclusive few. These upsells can be something like more Zoom calls with you, or private community calls, or offer an exclusive service. If you have virtual events, you could make sure seats for your high-level members are always reserved. 

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