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S7E11 | high level MRR membership for entrepreneurs

Episode Description:

Sandra shares insights on how she created a high level MRR membership that helps entrepreneurs to reach the next level of income by offering personalized guidance and feedback.

Show notes

“The light bulbs and fireworks went off, and I started asking questions on Facebook, like if I were to teach you about recurring revenue, what would you want to know?”

I just finished wrapping up the two Recurring Revenue Roadmap Workshops, and I thought this episode I’d share the story of how I created my own high level MRR program. 

In the summer of 2022, I created a 3-month coaching and training program for leaders of memberships. I offered a community, Voxer coaching, training calls with me, and time for Q&A. I loved this program, and I especially loved the Voxer coaching. 

Voxer allowed my clients to send me audio notes at any time, and I could play it back and reply. What I loved about it, was instead of them having to wait for our next coaching call, they could send me their questions at any time. I could listen and respond when I had time. There was no need for both of us to be tied to a computer or schedule. 

As soon as this 3-month coaching program ended, I couldn’t wait to launch it again. The problem was, other offers and launches already filled my calendar. I began to get discouraged because I couldn’t imagine launching this over and over again. Then it hit me. This course had to become its own membership!

Having a membership would allow me to work even more with those in the program, and it would save me so much time launching and wrapping up the course every time I wanted to run it. I decided to go to my audience on Facebook to ask them what they would want to know about recurring revenue, and I took notes.

What I found from their input was they didn’t want another course, they wanted personalized plans and feedback. So I made my new membership exactly that. 

I called my new membership the Emerald Elite Membership, and it provides a space for members to ask questions and get answers very quickly from me, and to get feedback and encouragement from their peers. 

If you want to learn more about everything my Emerald Elite Membership offers, visit: