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S7E10 | high level MRR membership

Episode Description:

Sandra explores the benefits of a high level MRR membership and on how starting small can lead to greater success in coaching your membership.

Show notes

“People are craving more attention right now. People are craving a community and a coach that they can go to and shorten the time it takes for them to get from A to B. They want those results now.”

There are two major trends for MRR memberships, one which is a low-price membership with little access to you, and the other is a high priced membership with more access to you. We covered the low price MRR in last week’s episode, so this week I’m covering high level MRRs. 

A high level MRR is an exclusive and intimate membership. This membership isn’t about the volume of members you have. 

This type of membership is exclusive for an intimate coaching or consulting experience. People are craving a community and coach that they can go to and shorten the time it takes them to accomplish their goals. 

The people that buy at this high level are the ones who don’t like cookie cutter solutions. They want someone who knows their lives, their business, their career, and goals to give them customized next steps and tasks to get them closer to the results they’re looking for. People want to be told what to do. And they want to be surrounded by a community of people who are reaching the same goals. 

A membership price for a high level MRR can be as low as $300 a month or as high as $2,000 a month, it all depends on what you’re offering, what your expertise is, and how fast you can get people to their finish line. 

You also want to consider starting off small, and then adding more members when you feel like you have the capacity to serve everyone with integrity. Remember, it’s always easier to add members than to remove them! As you get to know your members, add more availability. 

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