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S7E2 | Importance of Consistent Engagement

Episode Description:

Sandra discusses the importance of consistent engagement in your group and shares tips on creating an engagement plan.

Show notes

“In any area of your life, if you really want to achieve something, you have to be consistent…Why don’t we do this with our business?”

In this week’s episode we’ll be talking about consistent engagement. In order to be successful in anything you have to stick with it, and engagement in your group is no different. When we’re consistent in our communities engagement will increase, connection will increase, and sales will increase. Being consistent can literally pay out in dividends!

To start, try to think of why you want to stay consistent. Maybe you want to make sure that you’re building a community that your competitors aren’t, or you know that there are other people that need this group just like you do. Find out why consistency matters to you, and outline what goal you’re after. This could be something like having your stats go up, or increasing your group’s membership numbers. 

Life has a habit of getting in the way of consistency. That’s why we need a plan, something created ahead of time that you can use as a checklist every day, or use to schedule out content. This sort of planning can help you stay accountable for consistency. If you need help planning what engaging content to post in your group, my membership provides 12 posts each month that you can schedule in your group, and each post includes a graphic. 

In between your engaging posts you should be connecting with your audience and providing value, and this is something you can plan. Schedule when you’re going live and plan what topics you’ll be talking about. You’ll also need to make sure you’re communicating this schedule ahead of time. 

You’ll also want to plan when you’re going to teach in your group, and when you’re going to post offers. Just keep in mind what we talked about last episode. If your group has been stagnant and you jump back in and try to make a sale, it probably won’t be very successful. 

Planning ahead of time will take out the guesswork and panic that I see entrepreneurs struggle with day in and day out…trust me, I’ve dealt with this myself! 

I encourage you to create a plan to boost engagement and to make more sales. Starting February 16th, we’re offering a two-week program called The Engagement Plan. I’ll give you strategy sessions and partial access to our membership. Whether you have a brand new membership or you already have 10,000 people enrolled, I’ll prescribe which lesson I want you to go to, learn, and implement. Not everyone will walk away with the same engagement plan, because there is no one-size-fits-all plan. 

Make sure to stay consistent in your group engagement, and happy planning!