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S6E7 | Membership Planning A Year In Advance

Episode Description:

Sandra shares how she plans her membership out a year in advance to free up more leisure time in your schedule.

Show notes

“Planning ahead will actually give you more time, more leisure time, more space, more vacation time, more relaxing time, more time with your hobbies, or your exercise schedule, so that you have more freedom in your own life.”

It’s a new year, a fresh start, and in this episode, I’m talking about how you can plan your membership out a year in advance. This plan assumes that you have four deliverables, or a number of deliverables that you deliver every month of your membership. This sort of schedule makes it much easier to plan content for your membership, and can make it easier to schedule out time for the things that matter most, like spending time with loved ones. 

Last year I wanted to take some time off during the summer, and I wanted to make sure that all of my membership content was planned out so I wouldn’t have to spend my time sitting at my desk during vacation. First, I started by making a giant to-do list. On that list should be all the content that you need to create, when you need to create it by, and when the release date for that content is.

Next, start brainstorming ideas for your membership! If you know what you’re going to create ahead of time, you’ll start generating ideas and resources to reach that goal. So generate these ideas, plug them into your schedule, and you’ll naturally start thinking about your content during your down time. 

Struggling with ideas? Pull up your community or membership and ask them what they would want to see! They’ll love that you’ve asked them. 

To save even more time, you can batch create your content. You can schedule days each month to create all of this content. Or, you can even pick a few days in January to create all of your content for the year if your content is evergreen. If your content needs to be updated more frequently, you can batch create each month or each quarter. 

The last part of this plan is to make a giant communications to-do list when you can plan out when you’re going to communicate with your members. When are you emailing your list to remind people of upcoming events, or going into your group to announce your deliverables were just released? Know when and where you’re going to connect with your audience. 

I highly recommend planning out your membership so you can take some of your time back while still ensuring your members are taken care of. See you next episode!