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S6E6 | predictions for community-driven businesses in 2023

Episode Description:

Sandra shares her predictions for community-driven businesses in 2023.

Show notes

“Businesses that are based on communities, relationships, getting to know your people, seeing them, acknowledging them, listening to them, listening to their feedback, listening to what they want and need is huge, and will be a huge part of 2023.”

Welcome back to the Engaged Groups Podcast! It’s a new year, so I’m sharing my predictions for 2023. 

My first prediction is that we’re going to see more and more people returning to Facebook. I think we’re going to see people unpausing or recreating their Facebook groups. Everyone’s already on Facebook for updates for their families and friends, so it makes sense that people would look for an online community in the same place. 

I think in 2023 we’re going to learn that massive communities or groups just don’t work for everyone. With smaller communities you can get to know everyone in the group better and form deeper relationships, and that can drive people to look for smaller, more intimate communities. If you’re worried about how this will impact your monetization, don’t worry! If you think you need a Facebook group of 5,000 people before you can start making money, I’m here to tell you that you do not!

I also predict that we’re going to see an uptick in community-driven businesses that are based on community values. We know community-driven businesses increase organic referrals and gather leads who share your values. This also saves you time and the anxiety of pitching to strangers, so it makes perfect sense that more and more people will start embracing community-driven businesses. This is a good time to mention that if you’re not a part of our Community-Driven Business Accelerator Program, you should check it out!

I’m expecting that this year we’re going to see a lot of new businesses show up. This is a cool thing, but also a scary thing. For some, it will give you more competition, so you need to focus on what you’re going to do to put yourself out there before these other companies that are just starting out with less credibility, authority, experience, content, and followers. Make sure that you’re creating daily habits for yourself, and ensure that you’re making community and list building a huge priority. 

I also think we’re going to see a lot of people leaning into implementation and accountability. Getting your members to implement what you’re teaching will help them to get results. Think about how you can keep yourself accountable, but also how you can keep your members accountable and implementing as well. In our signature Engaged and Profitable Groups Program we have implementation weeks so that people can get to work using the content that we’ve scheduled out for them. We also offer accountability throughout the program too, which is likely why the majority of people who take our course don’t just start it, but reach 100% completion. (By the way, our Community Driven Business Accelerator includes our Engaged and Profitable Groups Course that you can get right away!) 

I’m excited to see what 2023 brings! Wishing you and your family wealth, success, health, joy, love, and adventure.