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S6E5 | Special Guests: Elizabeth Harper, Carol LeBaron, and Chris Dalzeil

Episode Description:

Sandra sits with fellow entrepreneurs Elizabeth Harper, Carol LeBaron, and Chris Dalzeil to discuss how things went for them in 2022, and what they hope to see in online communities in 2023.

Show notes

“I think so many great businesses and communities have started when one person was told no,  and they’re like: ‘Well, I’m gonna do it anyway.’”

In this special episode I have on three of my awesome clients to talk about 2022, including what went well and what didn’t go so well. We’ll also be discussing the industry as a whole, and what we want to see in 2023. 

What Went Well in 2022…and What Didn’t

Elizabeth Harper is an artist and a clairvoyant medium who’s had a website for over 20 years. She used to use her site to sell products like silk scarves and jewelry, but she began to focus more on the online world. During the past year she felt a bit of an online overwhelm and a desire to be away from the computer more. She was able to do an in-person retreat, and had the sense that she had come home, that she could have a deeper connection that wasn’t the same as connecting online during the pandemic. In 2022 she didn’t do as many public events, most in-person gatherings were reserved for her membership. In 2023, she hopes to do more in-person events, and stated: “I feel like there needs to be more nurturing, more connection, more personal relationships with people that we’re in business with that we want to support and help.”

Carol LeBaron designs fabrics and teaches stitching, dying, and other textile arts. She also teaches online and mentors creatives so they can become happier and more productive. Carol has had a website since ‘99. Like Elizabeth, during the pandemic she was also locked out of the physical world, and had to convert into more online marketing. 

In 2022 she returned to doing more in-person work, but she also got over her dislike of Facebook and started a group. She said, “My life is so full  just with meeting people and making these organic connections. I’m more outgoing than I’ve ever been with people, so 2022 has been my year for that and for getting excited about finding other ways to reach people and learning how there’s actually some way that you can make people’s lives better from behind a computer.” 

Carol had a lot of personal events going on for her in 2022, and time management was one of her biggest struggles of the year. Though, she stated all of those events gave her experience, and that she’s “disgustingly joyful” in her life. 

Chris Dalziel is the founder of the Joybilee Farm Blog. Chris started out by teaching natural dye workshops, selling herbalism products, making handmade soap, and doing handspun, hand-dyed, and hand-knit hats and selling them in-person at the farmer’s market. Then she began teaching online, and found that people were more interested in herbal health. Now she teaches herbalism and self-reliance skills, some for free on her website and others through her membership.

When the pandemic hit, Chris began doubling down and pouring out a lot more, counting on the fact that she could take a vacation later. Although the work was exhausting, Chris was proud to serve her community. Before the pandemic, she had been doing a lot for free, and she hadn’t launched her membership. In 2022, she was able to do two launches which replenished her numbers. She also started a podcast this year, which has gotten about 3,000 downloads so far. In 2023, she’ll be focusing on tying up some loose ends because some of the things she launched didn’t quite feel finished. 

The Online Community & Marketing World at Large

Elizabeth loves how people have moved more to an online space during 2022, which comes with new, creative ways to reach people. Carol predicts that more things will move to a hybrid space, so that more programs will have both an in-person and online component. Chris thinks that there will be more of an emphasis on local community infrastructure, and hopes that more people will start their own projects with the support of others. 

For 2023, Carol doesn’t want to see people taking advantage of vulnerability and marketing towards people’s fears. Elizabeth agrees, and hopes that people can focus more on peace, love, and being of service. Chris wishes to see more abundance, and to see her business and other businesses to move beyond scarcity. Chris agreed with Carol’s point and stated it was important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t be causing pain to get a sale. 

I think that embracing abundance is a great theme for 2023, and I hope for you this coming year is disgustingly joyful!

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