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S6E4 | 10 most popular episodes

Episode Description:

On the one year anniversary of the podcast, Sandra looks back at the 10 most popular episodes.

Show notes

“It’s always best to ask your audience what they want.”

This episode marks the 1 year anniversary of the Engaged Groups Podcast, so we’re going to celebrate by reviewing our top 10 podcast episodes this year…and I’m throwing in a bonus episode!

#11 was one of my favorites. In Season 1, Episode 4, I interviewed Dr. Dre Cleveland about how she joined my Engaged and Profitable Groups Program and grew her group from just under 300 to 1,100 members. Dr. Dre knew me and knew I knew my stuff, so she came to me asking how she could grow her group. I suggested that she use a member drive to get more people into her group, and her community grew exponentially. I’m a part of her group and it’s so fun, I absolutely love it. 

In the #10 spot is Season 3 Episode 13, where I share how you can use a challenge in your group. I had talked about free challenges, but I kept getting asked about having a paid challenge, or having a free challenge with a paid upgrade. Sometimes doing a free challenge with a paid upgrade can help you to pay for ads to bring more people into the challenge or to your membership. Plus, adding a paid upgrade can help you to build a better relationship with those participants, which can make them more likely to buy your other paid programs. 

#9 is Season one, Episode five, where I talked about the number one thing that leads to sales…engaging in your group! I talked about why marketing fails in groups that are quiet or dead, and how you can build that “know, like, trust” factor so that people are more likely to buy from you. 

#8 was a more recent episode with my friend Richard Ralston, and we talked about how we can retain members and get results with progress pods or accountability groups. Before I met Richard I wasn’t convinced that accountability pods worked, but he was able to turn that around for me by sharing amazing progress that groups made while being inspired by accountability groups. 

#7 was Season 1, Episode 9, which was on how to make quick cash from your group. If you have an engaged community, people will be ready to buy. They’ll want to support you and see what you’re doing. In this episode I talked about how I either promote my own things or affiliate programs. I only share affiliate programs from people I know, like, and trust, and that I know have amazing content. You can share affiliate programs that aren’t in direct competition with you, and you can earn affiliate commissions if people hear about the program from you. It can be a great connection and a little boost of cash. 

#6 was Season Four, Episode Seven, which offered a behind-the-scenes look at how I tricked myself into launching my course. In this episode I share how I really wanted to launch my signature course, Engaged and Profitable Groups, and knew I had to put together modules, content, templates, transcripts, checklists, slides and more. 

I started off by going into my free group, showing them an outline, and asking for their feedback. This originally started out as a multi-day workshop, so I created my materials. To turn it into a course I put in the bulk of the work. I took more feedback, questions, and added more strategies that I knew worked. And that’s how I tricked myself into launching my own course. I started small, then built it up. 

#5 is Season 1, Episode 7, where I talked about how to leverage your group to create offers. This I love because I remember when I started my business, I would create offers that I thought people needed, and boy was I wrong! Sometimes we are so close to our businesses and offers that we don’t even know what people need. It’s always best to ask your audience what they want. 

#4 was Season 1, Episode 8, which talked about four types of launches you can do in your group. I started off talking about the founding members’ launch. If you’re thinking about launching in your group, this episode is for you!

#3 was Season 1, Episode 2, on how to get your group noticed on social media. If you have a Facebook group or online community, you want to stand out from the crowd so you can get more people in. You have to give people an amazing reason to join your group or your list. 

#2 was Season 1, Episode 3, where I discussed how to get your first thousand members into your community. I talked about really easy organic ways to draw in new members, so make sure to listen if you haven’t already! 

#1 is Season 1, Episode 1. I probably shouldn’t be surprised because I think that anyone coming into our podcast will automatically scroll to the bottom. This is my introduction, where I talk about the jobs that I had, the memberships and groups that I had been a part of, and how I’ve been building memberships since 2005. 

I learned a lot this year. Creating content every single week for his podcast has been a great exercise in consistency and accountability. We’ve done over 60 episodes this last year! I look forward to creating more podcast episodes with more guests, more fun, and more content on communities. Thank you for listening!