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S6E3 | best practices for membership deliverables

Episode Description:

How do you choose how much content to put into your membership and decide which content makes the cut? In this episode, Sandra discusses best practices for membership deliverables. 

Show notes

“Think about where you are, what you do, how you simply create content, and what comes naturally to you.”

This season we’ve been talking a lot about memberships, and we’re going to continue that conversation and dive into deliverables! How do you choose what content goes into your membership? This is a process that’s either really exciting for people or really daunting, but either way I’m here to make it a little easier for you.  

To start, think about the easiest way for you to create content. Is it making videos, creating audio, or using text? Think about what your preferred format is and which of these you enjoy creating the most. But feel free to switch up mediums as well! 

Next, you’ll want to think about how your audience likes to consume content. If they’re consistently on the go or have really active lifestyles, text isn’t going to be the best option, but audio might be. If your audience is always at their desks, video, audio, or text would work for them. 

Once you’ve decided on a medium, you’ll want to focus on creating the right amount of content for your membership each month. I would recommend not providing more than four deliverables each month, and I wouldn’t do less than three. If there’s too much content to produce each month you’re going to overwhelm yourself, your team, and your audience. Too little content, and your membership will lack value. 

One suggestion is to look at the content you’ve already created, but don’t throw just everything in there! You could also create new deliverables, like a Q&A where people can come to get their questions answered. Plan 3-4 deliverables that you can provide to your membership each month, and save all other ideas for bonuses. 

When you’re first starting your membership you’ll want to have two to three months of content. But if you’re doing a founding members launch, where you invite people to join at the lowest available rate, there typically isn’t any content in the membership yet, just a schedule of when deliverables will come out. 

In my Structure and Style Membership Course I provide 80 different ideas for deliverables that you can give to your members…and people have told me that this resource alone was worth the price of the course! It includes monthly deliverables and bonuses. (Monthly deliverables, like a monthly Q&A, are what they sound like…deliverables that you plan out monthly. Bonuses, like challenges, aren’t on a set schedule. Typically bonus content takes a bit more work to do and isn’t based on something your members need monthly.)

I hope you enjoyed this episode, and if you haven’t already, check out my latest Structure and Style Membership Course!