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S6E2 | most common mistakes creating a membership

Episode Description:

Sandra discusses some of the most common mistakes she sees when people are trying to create a membership.

Show notes

“Some people create a membership just because they want a membership. But they’re not looking at all the offers that they have, all the products and services that they have, and where this fits.” 

I’ve worked with memberships for a long time, and in this episode I’m going to talk about the most common membership mistakes I’ve seen. 

#1: Not Knowing Where Your Membership Fits in Your Offer Suite

Some people create a membership just because they want a membership, and they’re not looking at all of their other offers and services to see where a membership fits in, and what price point it should fit in. See where your membership would fit to fill any of the programs or products you’re looking to fill. 

#2: Overwhelm

Some people want to fill their membership with everything and the kitchen sink. Unfortunately it can become overwhelming for people in your membership because they won’t know where to start. If your deliverables are taking too much time to create, they’re likely taking too long for your members to consume. If you have a long piece of content, split it into parts. 

If you overwhelm your membership with too much content, you’ll start resenting your membership and it won’t be sustainable for you to keep up with. Create the amount of content you can handle now, and know you can handle six months from now. If there are other things you want to add on to your membership you can in the future, or do it as a bonus or an add on for when you increase the price. 

#3: Pricing

It can be hard to decide on just the right price for your membership. If the price is too high, it’s going to be hard for people to get in. It’s better to start low and increase as you go. That way, you’ll get more people in the beginning, which will get social proof, wins, and results that you can use to promote your membership. 

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