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S6E11 | Why less is sometimes more

Episode Description:

Sandra shares what you should and shouldn’t be putting into your membership, and why less is sometimes more.

Show notes

“People value their time, and they don’t want to sift through all this content. So how can you value them by putting less things, and only the good things?”

Season 6 has been all about membership, and we’re continuing that conversation and talking about what you should and shouldn’t put in your membership. 

This is a huge thing that I get asked about, because a lot of people have so much content or no content at all. I’m going to map this out in two ways: what content you should add, and what content you shouldn’t add. Just note, this is going to be different for everyone, but I’m going to share some guidance. 

What you shouldn’t be adding to your membership is all of your content. I know it can be tempting to put up everything you have, but put yourself into a new member’s shoes. If they come in and see all this content, they won’t know where to start. They’ll feel completely overwhelmed, and will have trouble finding what they need. So make sure you’re spacing out when you’re releasing your content, and let’s start by adding what people need to get started. 

What you should add to your membership is 3-4 pieces of content you offer each month. Your content can be a Q&A, a PDF, a template, or something else, but try to vary what you’re offering. If you’re wondering what type of content you should offer, you should check out my new 

Structure and Style course, which includes a PDF with over 80 ideas of what content you can put in your membership! You can finish this course in less than three hours, and people have said the PDF alone is worth it. 

I usually suggest that if you have a higher priced membership that one of your pieces of content be a Q&A session. It will give your members a chance to ask you questions, and it will help you to connect with your community. 

Thanks for tuning in, I’m looking forward to starting Season 7!