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S6E10 | Is a membership is right for you?

Episode Description:

How do you know if a membership is right for you? Sandra shares five ways to know if you should consider implementing a membership into your group.

Show notes

“If you’re at capacity and you need to scale your business and you need to leverage your time, you can put in a membership so that you have really predictable income coming in month after month.”

How can you know if you’re ready for a membership, or if a membership is right for you? There are a few ways to tell, although this isn’t an exhaustive list!

The first way to know is if your audience is asking for a membership. If your group is looking for a higher level of community with more updates or new content, you can serve them with a membership that saves them time, money, or energy. 

The second way is if you feel like you’re at capacity. Maybe you feel burnt out, or your calendar is full, or you’re traveling too much and want to scale down. If you need to leverage your time, you can put it into a membership so you have predictable income coming in month after month. 

The third reason is that it can make learning from you easier. If your audience needs you but can’t afford your one-on-one price, joining your membership is a great alternative. Through a membership they can have access to you through a group Q&A, or they’ll get content from you on a regular basis. 

This works out really well if you work with corporations that only have a certain budget for what you’re offering, then they can pay for people to be in your membership to have you in front of them, but it doesn’t blow their budget. 

This is also great if you’re burnt out from doing one-on-ones. Your membership can have Q&As or office hours where members can get their questions answered, which can cut the amount of calls you have in half…or more! You can also consider doing shorter one-on-ones, which can encourage people to get to the point so you can really leverage your time. 

The fifth way to know if you’re ready for a membership is if you just ran a well-attended course and people want more. Your community might be asking for more, deeper content, or have ideas of their own of what they want to learn next from you. Maybe they want implementation steps or an accountability group. 

Another way is if you do live events, like speaking from a stage. I’ve found that everyone wants to stay in a community afterwards, which is why live events are great places to pitch things like masterminds or coaching programs.

If you’ve decided a membership is right for you but you need ideas, I encourage you to check out our new course called Structure and Style. It will help you to design (or redesign) a membership that you’ll love from the start. In there we have a PDF that I’ve been told is worth its weight in gold because it gives you 80+ ideas of content to put in your membership monthly, or to save as bonuses. Be sure to check it out! Thanks for listening!