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S5E9 | want a really good launch

Episode Description:

Get five tips for having a really good launch!

Show notes

“These are my tips to have a really good launch. There are five of them, there’s probably more, but these are the top five that I thought of that I thought I’d share with you.”

As I planned out this podcast season on monetization, I found myself wondering what I left out. Is there something I’m not telling you about? What can I share with you that I haven’t shared before? And believe it or not, I still have more to share! 

This episode, I’m talking about my tips to have a really great launch.

Schedule Out Your Launch

I touched on this in the last episode, but it’s worth repeating! When you schedule out your launch in advance you know exactly how much time you have to warm up your audience, grow your group, add new people to your list, and prepare. Put the dates of everything about your launch in your calendar, physical or digital! 

Have Bonuses

If you have a launch that’s five days, you can add a bonus that gets people in the door immediately. During a launch you’re going to have periods where everything is really exciting, and then you might hit a wall. I find that if I provide a wicked bonus for the people that sign up in the first 24 or 48 hours, that gets people off the fence to register then and there. 

Why is that important? Well, we’ve all been on that fence and it’s an uncomfortable place to be. Finally making the decision to sign up is such a relief. If I just go and dive right in, I’ll save myself the time, anguish, research, and can move on to other projects. What gets people to that decision quicker is that bonus.  

Sometimes I’ll even add in two bonuses, one for the first 10 people to sign up, and one for anyone who signs up in the first 24 hours. I just love to keep that excitement going! Sometimes I even put in a middle bonus and last day bonus so I can give people one more reason to sign up.

Email During Your Launch 

During your launch, you want to email your audience every day, while being active in your community. I have something to write about each day, especially if I’m doing beginning, middle, and end bonuses. You need to let people know about these awesome bonuses you’re giving and when the deadline to claim them is. You also don’t want people to miss your offer! Make sure you’re clear about when doors are closing. 

What you email you could copy, paste, and tweak, and put that in your Facebook group, Instagram, or wherever else you reach your audience. 

Answer Questions

Before and during your launch, questions will be streaming in. Whether it’s through your lives, support tickets, or posts in your group, make a list of these questions. If you’re doing a live Q&A, you’ll have these questions to go through and answer. Those questions are also great to give to your support team so they know what questions to expect. You can even combine this with your daily emails, and share answered FAQs. 

Transition Once It’s Over

Make sure your audience understands what will happen after you close registration. Maybe you’ll be less active in the group, and they won’t get their questions answered immediately. Maybe you’re moving to the next program and helping those who have signed up for that. Let people know where they can find you after your challenge or event. If people are asking themselves why they should buy or get to the next level, knowing about this transition could convince them to buy.

Take down any images or cover images that are promoting your closed offer. If you’re closing registration, switch out your ‘buy now’ button, and maybe add a waitlist option. You want to make it clear that the offer is over. Remember, closed registration is closed registration! 

I hope you enjoyed this episode, I love talking about launches and planning them. If you want to talk about this podcast, come over to our group: Groups for Entrepreneurs with Sandra De Freitas!  And If you’re thinking about working with me personally, you can get in touch with me or my team at