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S5E7 | 4 Ways To Monetize

Episode Description:

Sandra shares four different ways that you can monetize your group by using Facebook Live.

Show notes

“When I’m buying something, I want to know everything that I’m buying. I want to know where my money is going, and I want to know that it’s going to help me solve my problems or help me do the thing that I wanted it to do.”

There are four different ways you can sell using Facebook Lives in your group, and in this episode we’re going to cover them!

To start off, you don’t want any individual Facebook Live to be longer than an hour, and if it is an hour long, make sure your content is important or that there’s a win at the end, so people will want to devote the time to watch it. 

One of the first things to consider is the title of your Facebook Live, which can help to draw people in. Make sure that the title includes the topic of what you’re going to be talking about. 

When you’re finished recording, make sure you update the caption to encourage people to watch the replay, and share what took place. People often don’t edit the caption of their recording once they’re done, but editing it will bring more people in to watch it. 

So the first way to sell using a Facebook Live is to go live and just start selling. You’re not teaching anything, you’re just promoting your offer and sharing why they want to buy. These are typically really short, and it’s sharing what you have available. This type of live tends to have less sales, since it’s just about selling, and you aren’t teaching, engaging, or showing your audience your value. However, you can combine this method with other ways I’m going to share. 

The next way to sell on a Facebook Live is to teach. Typically you’ll decide on one topic you’ll teach and break it into three points. Make sure what you’re teaching is interesting, and gets your audience a little closer to their wins. Remember, people love things that save them time, energy, and money! Around your second training video you can introduce your offer, and let them know if they want to save even more time, money, or energy they can take advantage of what you’re selling. 

The third way to use Facebook Live to sell is to teach now and sell later. You can use the teaching example I just mentioned, except once the live is over you can edit the caption to show your offer, and include a link. Usually it’s best to sell during the live, but there’s reasons you might not want to do this. Maybe you want this video to be evergreen so people can come back and listen to it over and over again, and not hear an outdated offer. 

The fourth way to sell with Facebook Lives is to show behind the scenes. I love to do this if you’re selling something you haven’t sold before. If I’m selling a membership, I can give you a sneak peek into what’s in the membership right now. You don’t want your audience to feel like they’re buying a mystery box, here you can show them exactly what they’ll be getting. You’re giving them an inside tour, showing how everything was put together, and showcasing how what you’re offering can solve their problems or get them somewhere faster than if they didn’t have you. 

So those are just four ways that using Facebook Lives can help you to monetize your group! I hope you’re enjoying this season, and if you haven’t already, I’d love for you to join our Facebook Group! You can find us by searching Groups for Entrepreneurs with Sandra De Freitas. We’d love to see you there!