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S5E6 | a live launch

Episode Description:

Learn how to use a live launch to warm up your audience to buy your offer!

Show notes

“What you think they want and need is going to be different from what they actually want, because you are the expert, you’re further along from them.”

In this episode, we’re going to be diving into how you can use live launches to monetize your group! 

During a live launch, you’ll provide free trainings through Facebook Live to warm up your audience for your offer. To start, you can put a poll in your group to ask them what topic they want training on. I recommend providing about seven different topics to choose from, that way you can really see what the top three choices are. 

You can list a couple of examples, and even let them add their own ideas. Although if you’re worried that people may ask you to do lessons on something you can’t cover, you can always disable this option. 

Something I like to recommend for Facebook is to have people comment their answers below, because it will drive more engagement than people answering poll questions. I’ll go into the comments every so often when the poll is live to thank people for their answers, and to tell them to keep their responses coming. This way, the poll will get pushed back up to the top of the page for people to see. This poll doesn’t have to be just for your group. You can take a screenshot of your poll and send it out through your email list or website to promote it. 

You’ll want to give a couple of days for people to vote. You might be surprised what people answer! What you think they need may be totally different from what they’re actually looking for.

Once you’ve determined the winning topics, you can create a schedule. Teach the topic that came in 3rd place first, the topic that came in 2nd place second, and the topic that came in 1st place last. Then spread these trainings out. If you’re tight for time, you could hold a training session once every three days or so. 

Create events in your group for each of the three trainings, and let your audience know when these lives will be taking place. You can even change your cover image to promote your trainings. 

During your second live, introduce your offer and make it available to purchase, and let them know when the cart will be closing! You want to make sure you go live on the day you’re closing your cart so you can remind people to take advantage of your offer ASAP, and it will also increase engagement.

If you hold a live Q&A on the day you’re closing your cart, people can directly ask you about your offer, and determine on the spot if it’s right for them. If you’re afraid that people are going to show up to your Q&A without questions, brainstorm a list of questions that could come up. 

Make sure to be honest when answering questions about your offer, you want people who buy to receive what they expected and feel like your offer was a good fit for them. If they aren’t a good fit, or you don’t think they’re ready for your offer yet, let them know how they can get there so it doesn’t feel like a rejection. 

If you want to learn even more about live launches, check out my Engaged Groups Membership! Talk to you soon!