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S5E5 | Challenge launches

Episode Description:

Challenge launches are a great way to grow and engage your group and generate excitement about your offer. In this episode, Sandra shares how you can run your own challenge launch.

Show notes

“So as you can imagine, the most active any group will get was when there’s an activity or an event happening in the group. Whenever I do challenges, the engagement is super high.”

This episode we’re talking about one of my favorite topics…challenge launches! Challenge launches can help you to grow your group and email list at the same time, and I’ll show you how.

With my challenges, I grow my email list by having an ‘opt in’ webpage where people sign up for the challenge and add their email address. I then grow my group by including a blurb there that tells them to join my group, where I’ll be doing training, and where all the fun is! 

This is so awesome because if someone misses a post in my group, I’m able to catch them with email. And vice versa. On the day before the challenge launches, I like to send an email at the very start announcing our kickoff call, which will take place in the group. I’ll do my Facebook Live in the group, and then on the first day of the challenge I’ll send an email letting people know that everything has started, and provide the assignments for the day. So I’m taking people from the email to the group and vice versa by having the trainings in the group, and the homework in the email list. 

During my challenges, I’ll do live trainings every day, usually for about 30 minutes or so. I like to keep it short so people find them easy to fit in their schedule. 

At the end of my challenge, I’ll use Facebook Lives to sell my offer, and I’ll put the offer in my emails and any other end-of-challenge posts as well. During this time I’ll refer back to testimonials from people sharing what it’s like to work with me, or sharing the results I helped to get them. 

And don’t feel like you have to follow my formula exactly! You can add more games or more engagement…make it unique to you! Something I like to do is have those I’ve worked with in the past come on a Facebook Live to help build social proof that you’ll get people the results you promise. I call it the Success Panel. 

You can invite guests on and have them tell everyone about their business, and let them share how working with you has benefited them. At the end of my Success Panel I always like to ask my panelists what they would say to someone who is thinking of joining your offer or program. Often they’ll share awesome wins that you didn’t even know about!

If you don’t have anyone that you’ve worked with in the past, bring someone on who has a great story! If you have someone who’s written a book and had great success from it, bring them on to talk about what opportunities opened up to them after finishing their book. It could inspire the people in your audience to consider writing a book! (Or whatever topic your speaker is talking about.) 

I hope you try out a challenge launch, it’s a great way to grow and engage your group and your email list! If you want to learn more about challenge launches, check out my Challenge Workshop!