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S5E4 | 8 different types of launches

Episode Description:

Sandra shares 8 different types of launches that you can use in your group to monetize.

Show notes

“Let’s change that perspective of selling to serving.” 

We need to monetize what you’re doing so you can actually help people that want your support. But sometimes we look at selling as selling and get visions of sleazy sales guys, like door to door salespeople who won’t get the hint to leave. 

But I want to change that perspective of selling to serving. People want to buy from you, but if they don’t know that you’re selling anything, guess what? They’re going to go to your competitor. 

I’ve had someone in my community reach out to me and say ‘had I known you were offering this, I would’ve bought from you, not someone else.’ I don’t want this to happen to you! Start thinking about what you’re doing as serving rather than selling. 

I’m going to go over eight different launch types so you can get ideas of how to promote yourself to your audience.

1. The Founders Launch: 

I love this type of launch because it doesn’t require a lot of planning, and you can be spontaneous! I used this type of launch when I first offered my membership. I went into my group and asked them what they would like to see in a membership from me. 16 days later, I launched my membership. 

In the past, I’ve also put out a post saying I was thinking about holding a workshop on launches, and I had about 120 replies to that post alone. I love these types of launches because if you have an idea, you don’t have to sit on it until it’s perfect! Just launch the product or service, let people know it’ll be a bit messy, but they’ll get the best rate now because it isn’t quite ready.

2. The Challenge Launch: 

I’ve talked a lot about my challenge launches, and I’ve run a lot in the past. I just love them! They’re a great way to grow your group and your email list, to engage your audience, and to monetize at the end. You can use a challenge to lead up to a low-cost membership, a course, or even something longer like a six-month program! If you want more details on how to run a challenge, check out my Challenge Workshop!

3. A Coaching Launch: 

Similar to the challenge launch, you can hold a coaching week with live coaching, implementations, celebrations, and more!

4. A Live Launch: 

In this type of launch you’re going live in your group and teaching, versus having pre-recorded training videos. You can also do pre-recorded videos, and maybe that’s another type of launch entirely! (Bonus!) Either way, you’ll do about three or four of these trainings, and you’ll teach on a topic that’s similar to what you’re launching. Give them a peek into the roadmap you’re using to solve their problems.

5. A Workshop Launch: 

Instead of doing Facebook Lives, you could also hold a multi-part workshop that takes place over a period of days. You’ll teach a bit each day and open up your offer in the middle of your workshop, when engagement is still fairly high.

6. A Flash Launch:

Offer something super fast, and for a short period of time! You’ll likely have lower sales than if you do a more prepared launch, but it’s very low effort.

7. A Bundle Flash Sale

I’ve had so much fun with these. I like to do bundle flash launches during Black Friday, I’ll bundle different things that I’ve created throughout the year and create a brand new thing. If your flash sale is around a holiday, you could even do what I like to do and donate part of your proceeds to the community or a charity.

8. Affiliate Launch

You’re promoting someone else’s things instead of your own, and you’ll help your affiliate out by sending emails, posts, or even doing a Facebook Live. In return, you get a percentage for the people you’ve helped to sign up. Just make sure you’re not overlapping your own launches! 

I hope this episode inspired you with some new launching ideas! I’ll be diving in deeper to some of these launches in later episodes.