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S5E2 | a pre-pre launch

Episode Description:

Learn more about how a pre-pre launch can get your audience engaged and ready to buy before your next launch! Sandra shares her structure for a successful pre-pre launch, and explains why this time is so important.

Show notes

“People like to see that you’re human and that the content is more important than the prettiness of it, the cosmetology of it.”

Last episode we talked about how important it is to have an audience that’s warmed up and ready to buy before you launch an offer. But what else should you do before your launch to ensure it’s a success? In this episode we’re talking all about the pre-pre-launch!

Now, what is a pre-pre-launch? The time when your cart is open is your launch. The pre-pre-launch is the intense time of you training and being active in your group, and doing things like running a challenge or doing a video series to drum up excitement. This can take place a month before your launch, or even several months before. I would recommend a month minimum, and more if you can. 

The pre-pre-launch is so important because without warming up your group, they may have forgotten about you, or moved onto something else. Maybe they’re not even thinking about you and your program. The process of getting them back into your group is going to take some time, and you really want them back in time for your launch. 

I’m going to share a structure that you can take on for that month (or months!) before the launch. I want you to go live in your community once a week for four weeks, and think of little appetizer-sized lessons you can teach. Let them have a sneak peek of what you’re going to be offering. So if I was promoting my membership, and my membership was about growing and engaging your group, I would do live lessons about growing or engaging. Aim for about 20 minutes, max. That’s the perfect amount of time for people to see the replay and realize they have enough time to watch it. 

Promote these free trainings, change your cover image, put out reminders, and get people talking about it in advance. Let them know what you’ll be teaching, and make sure you have a hook that’s going to get them in! 

What you’ll also want to do is create engaging posts one to two times a week. Engaging posts can be something like “Checking in, how is everyone doing this week?” or “What have you achieved this quarter that you’re really proud of?” These posts may have nothing to do with your group, but it will help to get conversations going, and can foster connection within the community. 

If you’ve held this same offer before, share testimonials to prove that what you’re selling works! Do case studies or a member profile, and get that social proof that working with you works. 

If you’re launching something you haven’t offered before, you can put out more general testimonials about working with you. It might not have to do specifically with what you’re offering, but it talks about your character or the results you’re able to achieve. 

And while you’re doing your live trainings and engaging posts, remind your group about what you’ll be offering as part of your launch. Remind them to sign up for your challenge, or tune in for your video series. 

I hope you have a pre-pre launch before your next launch, it can go a long way in warming up your audience!