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S5E12 | create a Black Friday bundle

Episode Description:

Learn how to create a Black Friday bundle that will help you to beat out your competition and surpass your goals!

Show notes

“If you take care of the awareness piece before you actually get to Black Friday, you are going to beat out your competition in a much stronger way or you might surpass your goals in a much stronger way. So let people know ahead of time that you’re going to be running a Black Friday sale, you can even tell them!” 

Black Friday is right around the corner, and you can use your community to sell! 

Over the past few years I created a Black Friday bundle where I took products like workshops or courses that I already had created, bundled them, and sold them. Planning on creating a Black Friday offer of your own? Here are some things to keep in mind. 

Your Black Friday offer doesn’t have to fall exactly on Black Friday. Some people have their offers a week beforehand, or carry on through Cyber Monday. 

To start, go into your free community and make sure you let people know ahead of time that you’re going to have an offer for them on Black Friday. In the past, I created lists of products that I wanted and decided to wait and see if they were going to have a Black Friday sale before I bought them.

If you’re having a Black Friday sale, it shouldn’t be a secret! Tell your audience ahead of time what you’ll be offering and when to generate awareness. Everyone has their limits on what they’re going to spend on Black Friday, and knowing what will be offered at what price will help people to plan their spending. 

You can announce your Black Friday offer through Facebook Live, change your cover image, and create a post in your group. For this post you could even use a Black Friday-specific GIF, there are some really funny ones out there! Or you can create a graphic of your own using Canva. 

I typically have a big open cart window, so sometimes I offer bonuses to entice people to buy sooner. Sometimes I’ll give the people who bought on the first day a bonus, like a one hour group call with me to go over anything that came out of the offer. 

During your open cart, you’ll want to continue making posts about your offer and send out e-blasts. I highly recommend scheduling these all ahead of time – it was such a game changer for me! 

You can create an introduction post for your offer to share what it’s all about, and let people know what problem your offer solves. If you have a story of why you created this product, share it! Let them know all of the logistics so they know what to expect. That will cut down on the questions in your inbox. This introductory post will help your community members decide if this offer is for them. 

For another post, put yourself in your community’s shoes and try to come up with what some of the most frequently asked questions may be. What questions are you already getting asked about your product? What questions do you want to be asked? Include those in this post. 

Another post idea is to share the story of people who have worked with you in the past or who previously bought from you. Gather testimonials to share with your community. 

It’s likely that after your Black Friday sale ends people will be asking you if they can still get that deal. I make posts to let people know that when my offer is over, it’s over. It’s not fair to those who bought during the time when the deal was available. So make sure once your sale is over to update your cover image and featured section accordingly. 

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