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S5E11 | importance of doing a self-audit

Episode Description:

If you took the perspective of a new member of your community, would you buy from yourself? Sandra talks about the importance of doing a self-audit to make sure you’re being perceived how you want to be.

Show notes

“If you were going into your own community, would you buy from yourself? What is your community like? Are you active in your community? Or is someone else doing the activity for you? Are you only showing up during launches? Are you only answering questions when you’re tagged? Are you only posting promotional posts in your group?”

This season we’ve focused a lot on the entrepreneur side of things, but right now I want to switch the perspective to that of your own community to ask: would you buy from yourself? 

This is something you’ll want to keep in mind, especially when you’re launching. I know when I’m looking at an offer, I’ll go and see if they have a free Facebook Group, and I’ll look at how they work in their communities. Are they nice to the people in their community? Do they provide value? Does their team support the people in the community? 

I’ll even go into their content and check out their videos, or read some of the comments on their page. Once you’re able to see everything, it’s a little bit harder for people to be fake. And if I’m going to pay to be a part of the community, I want to know that they share the same expectations and values as me. When I’m trusting someone with my money, results, and my beliefs, I want to know that it’s going to be a fruitful investment. 

So let’s switch this around. If you were going into your own community for the first time, would you buy from yourself? Are you and your team active in the community, or are you only showing up to do launches? Are you answering questions and supporting your community members? 

Do this audit, and make sure everything is up to date. If you’re not updating things like your cover image, or posting frequently, people may think you’ve moved on from your group and will be hesitant to buy from you. 

Do this self assessment and be a little tough on yourself so you can actually benefit. Ask yourself honestly if you would buy from yourself. Are you not making any offers, so people don’t know how to buy from you? If you were new to your group, would you know where to put your credit card? 

Once you’re done assessing yourself, ask a friend or family member to look over your group. Ask them what you need to change or add, or what isn’t clear. Make sure you’re being perceived the way you want to be perceived. Because if someone is planning to buy from you, believe me, they’ll be researching you!