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S5E10 | Learn how to plan out your quarter

Episode Description:

Learn how to plan out your quarter so you find time to build your audience, hold launches, and take a much-needed break.

Show notes

“The first thing we do is check in and we look at what’s been accomplished in the last quarter. What were our goals? Did we achieve them? What did we set out to accomplish that we didn’t accomplish, and are we moving it to the next quarter?” 

In this episode we’re going to talk about how you can plan your year or quarter to have a great launch. Let’s dig in!

I just completed a quarterly planning workshop that I do with my mastermind. It’s an hour and a half, and we go through a few things to help them look back at what they accomplished in the past quarter, and to analyze what worked. If you want to learn more about what we do in that workshop, be sure to check out my mastermind program! 

When you’re reviewing your last quarter or last six months, consider if you reached your goals, and if not, if you’re going to continue pursuing them in this next quarter. Or, decide if you want to build something new. 

In my mastermind I provide a whole list of different building ideas and categories. The most important thing between launches is adding new people into your audience, so you need to schedule that! 

Then, take a look at when you’ll be generating revenue this next quarter. What launches are you going to be doing? What areas of your business will you be focusing on? If you have a membership, what type of content will you need to create? 

You also want to pencil in time to tie up loose ends, for finishing those things you never quite got around to. Tying up loose ends is actually a great way to end the year, because your energy levels are probably a little lower and you could use some time off. Completing these projects also gives you a sense of momentum that you’ll need to plan next year. 

Your quarter can be very different from any other quarter. Two years ago during my quarter four I was burnt out. I didn’t launch my Engaged and Profitable Groups Program like I thought I would, I just needed a break. But last year, my quarter four was wild. I launched this podcast, did Black Friday sales, and did a mini-workshop. Decide whether this quarter you’re going to take it easy and finish up a few projects, or go gung-ho because you have the mental capacity and strength to pull it off. And if you need to take that break? Don’t be hard on yourself. 

Then take a look at your goals for the next three months and write out everything you need to do to achieve them. Break it down into months to make sure you’re on the right track. Don’t forget to accommodate for holidays and personal time. Some months you’ll have less time than others. 

As you’re scheduling out your calendar, make sure that you’re not putting too much on yourself. Maybe turn two big launches into two small launches. Or maybe turn one of those launches into a flash sale. 

In my mastermind we plan and work on goals together until they become achievements. If you’re interested in joining our mastermind, join us at:

You can also join our Community Driven Business Accelerator, which meets less often, at: