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S4E9 | MaryAnn Marriott

Episode Description:

MaryAnn Marriott joins the podcast to talk about strategies she’s implemented to make her group fun!

Show notes

“If we’re not having fun, why are we doing things?”

Welcome back to another episode of the Engaged Groups Podcast! MaryAnn Marriott was able to join us to talk about making your group fun! 

MaryAnn helps people to connect to their internal wisdom, and to support teams to get clear guidance to steer their lives. She had a group of about 200 people, but there wasn’t a lot of activity. Posting in her group took up a good bit of time, and there wasn’t much of a structure to her posting. 

MaryAnn and I worked together quite a bit this year, and she was able to implement new strategies to get her group members engaging! 

To start, I had MaryAnn go in and review her group to make sure that everything was working properly. She made a couple of tweaks that made it easier for people to find her group. 

Together we worked to post with purpose, and these meaningful posts got her more engagement. She learned how to measure that engagement too, something she hadn’t been doing before. As her group became more engaged, she was able to see people getting value out of the community. Because of that, they kept coming back for more!

MaryAnn also included some fun things in her group that helped engagement to take off. She implemented a couple of my game ideas, like sharing who the top 10 contributors in your group are. This can spark some friendly competition as people strive to be the top engagers!

She gave away different prizes, one of which was a free month of membership. This got people in her group talking about the membership, which promoted it in a fun, simple way. 

MaryAnn also created her own challenge for 30 days of meditation. She decided on the topic after polling the audience and asking what they were looking for in a challenge. Her group members LOVED it!

She’s currently working on a new one hour workshop, and is again asking her audience what they want. MaryAnn said “it’s kind of like you’re in my group, this is for you.” 

MaryAnn’s last words of advice are to invest in yourself and your business. I couldn’t agree more! 

Learn more about MaryAnn and what she does at and her Facebook group is Your Spiritual Hostess – Mary Ann Marriott

Be sure to check her out!