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S4E7 | Sandra’s first course

Episode Description:

Sandra shares how she created her first course, and how you can do it too!

Show notes

“I gotta tell you, recording and re-recording a course took a lot of work. There were late nights, there were weekends because I couldn’t fit it into my regular scheduled week…Was it worth it? Absolutely.” 

Thinking about creating or running your first course can seem really daunting, so I want to share with you how I started my first course to help to demystify the process! 

It was around early 2019 when I created the outline for my beta course. I went into my free group, shared my outline and list of topics I would cover, and asked for their feedback. I had originally intended this to be a one day workshop, and knew that I would eventually switch it over to a course. The beta workshop was going to be small, no more than 10 people, so I could focus on everyone in the group. It would include trainings, feedback recordings, and implementation trainings. This was all offered at the beta price, and those who bought the beta would be welcomed into the official course that would be offered soon. 

My one day workshop turned into two half-day demos. During that time I was able to get feedback. I asked participants what they were struggling with, what they wanted to see in the program, and what they got out of the program. I took that feedback into account when I mapped out my official course. 

I often had different ideas for my course that I wrote onto sticky notes. A big part of putting my course together was taking those sticky notes and grouping them into categories. Those categories then went on to become modules or lessons. I also added more things in the official course like a weekly Q&A, accountability pods, and an implementation week. I also included bonuses, which varied from time to time. 

After the official course I was still getting great feedback. People LOVED the implementation week, or they found that having a group of people supporting each other helped them to 100% complete the course. 

Between you and me, having the beta program got me to run the program. If I had to start from scratch and create the program and record it, I don’t know that I would have done it, because it felt very overwhelming, and felt like a lot of work. 

But running the beta program allowed me to break it into chunks over two and a half days, then take a step back and add more to it. 

I’m still listening to feedback and updating the course. I’ve added new strategies, and took out what wasn’t working. Now I’ve turned it into a part of my Community-Driven Business Accelerator! 

It took a lot of work and dedication to get my first course off the ground, but it was absolutely worth it. I got to see the results that people were getting in the program, their smiles, their relief, their business ideas, and the implementing of it all. It was an amazing experience. 

I hope this guides you when you go to create your first course! Talk to you soon!