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S4E3 | membership Q&A Part 1

Episode Description:

How can you grow your membership, or stay inspired when no one comes to your Live sessions? In this episode, Sandra answers listener questions about memberships.

Show notes

“If we’re not seeing the numbers that we want to get, then we’ve got to look at what it is that we’re doing or not doing that’s impeding that.”

How do you stay motivated if your membership isn’t growing and converting? 

To answer this question, I’m going to start by recapping the two different types of launches. The first is having your membership open all the time, and letting people trickle in. For this to be successful, you’ll need to have something going on that’s going to consistently bring people in, an evergreen funnel like a webinar, a freebie, or ads. If you don’t have something like that in place yet, I recommend going with the second type of launch. 

The second type of launch is a bigger launch, like a challenge launch, a three-part video series, a workshop, or a live launch. With these types of launches, you’re hyping up your members, being active in your group, and you’re in their visibility daily. 

If you’re doing a challenge launch, your members will actually begin to see their wins, and once they get results they’ll want to buy whatever’s next from you!

These types of launches will take a little bit more work than an evergreen launch, but the results will be worth it! If you want to learn more about live launches, I have resources in our Engaged Groups Membership, and there’s also the Challenge Workshop where you can learn how to do a challenge launch. 

How can you sell your membership in a way that gets them to say ‘yes’ with enthusiasm?

I love this question! I’ve found that my membership has been very easy for me to sell, and here’s why. I let people know that my membership will save them money, time, and take something else off their plate. 

Find out what your audience’s pain points are, what they struggle with, and what they have to do on a recurring level that you can easily do for them. If you can save them time and energy, they’ll be rushing to join your membership!

How can you stay inspired when no one comes to your Live sessions? 

Make sure you’re communicating when you’ll be holding your Live sessions, and remember that most people will be watching the replays. They might not all be able to join you live. When I’m planning to go Live, I make that an event in my group so people can RSVP and get reminders. 

You could also hold a contest for those who show up live to your group. Let everyone know beforehand that you’re going to draw the names of everyone present for a prize. Go to Wheel of Names, type in their names, spin the wheel, and give the winner a prize! 

You could also make something available on that session for people who join live, like answering the questions of those who are present first. And if all else fails, ask your group which times would be most convenient for them. 

How can you increase member retention? 

Members tend to drop off at the three month mark, and sometimes you’ll see a drop off in the summertime or around December because of that holiday spending. 

During all of these points where they might drop off, do a special event like a workshop. If they’re in your membership, they can get your workshop for free. Or maybe you’ll be pulling in a very special guest to teach, and they won’t want to miss it. You want to make it so good that they decide it’s worth X amount to stay another month. If they stay that month, it’s likely they’ll stay for even longer. 

How do I choose a membership platform? 

Write out a checklist of the things you really, really want in a membership site platform. Does it need to have badges, or a course component? Do you need something to integrate with Stripe or PayPal? What do you want from your member platform in the future? Then find the membership platform that checks all (or most!) of your boxes. 

Remember, what member platform may be best for one person isn’t the best for another!

That’s it for this week’s episode of membership Q&As, be sure to join us for the next episode for part two!