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S4E10 | Marilyn Alauria

Episode Description:

Sandra talks with Marilyn Alauria, a friend and psychic medium, about the importance of authenticity, finding your people, and the difference a steady recurring revenue can make.

Show notes

“In any launch you do there are dips and you start questioning yourself, especially if you’re new at it. So you need that kind of coaching or that group of people around you to be like it’s okay, it’s just part of it. And you just keep the momentum up then.” Marilyn Alauria

I was so excited to have special guest Marilyn Alauria on for this episode! I’ve known Marilyn since 2016, she’s a psychic medium who teaches people how to tap into their own inner wisdom to use in their business and life. Her goal is to get people to live a life they love and create a business they love. (Though she doesn’t teach business principles, she said she leaves that part to me!)

Marilyn launched her membership program around 2016, and was discouraged by the number of people she had gotten to join, so she reached out to me for help. Together we had some really successful launches!

The success of these launches helped Marilyn to make her business more sustainable because now she was making enough that she could find time for herself. Since then, she’s been able to adjust her business to more to her liking and add more offerings…including a podcast!

Marilyn attributes a lot of her success to having a support system that’s with her through the thick and thin, and a group that’s going through the dips and valleys with her. 

There were a couple of spaces and programs that Marilyn found along the way where it felt that “the bottom line” was always pushed, that everyone there cared more about sales than the people they were helping. That type of toxic mindset creates this inauthentic community, and when you fail to meet your bottom line, you can end up feeling like a failure. Instead of looking at the end, Marilyn says she focuses on the journey and the experience…and the people!

It’s key to remember that things can go wrong—and often do!—but that it doesn’t mean that you’re a failure, or that it’s time to give up. It’s natural to want to be Pinterest-perfect, but the real world doesn’t work that way. It’s important to dig into our failures and to learn from them! Always being a part of the “win club,” but ignoring your mistakes and focusing only on the positive doesn’t always serve people. 

Marilyn recommends focusing on the now, and remembering why it is you’re doing what you do. And don’t forget that you’re not alone…Everybody has some failures, whether or not they admit it!

Marilyn and I discussed the sudden change in climate during the COVID pandemic, and how our messaging naturally changed to match what was going on. When you’re led by your values, you’re constantly looking for how you can take care of your community, and you’ll be able to read the room to anticipate what they need. 

Now Marilyn is working on promoting her Next Level Living Program, a deep dive mentorship program on how to build a business from the inside out, and how to make great intuitive decisions and choices. She also has a new book out called Guides: Mystical Connections to Soul Guides and Divine Teachers. Check her out at!

And Marilyn’s last piece of advice for us? Build a business that you really believe in. Don’t wait until tomorrow, take a tiny step today!