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S4E1 | Sandra answers listener questions

Episode Description:

In this episode, Sandra answers listener questions about Facebook Groups, like how often you should be posting, how to repurpose a dormant group and more!

Show notes

“You want to make sure that you’re in a number of groups, because the more groups that you’re in, the more that those people in those groups are going to be suggested to be in your group.”

Welcome to Season 4 of The Engaged Groups Podcast! Can you believe it’s our six month anniversary of the podcast? I know I can’t! 

As a way to celebrate this six month anniversary, I thought I would gather questions on topics like Facebook groups and memberships and answer them. In this episode, I’ve gathered some listener questions focused on Facebook groups. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions! 

Should you be going live in your group daily? 

This is a great question! I don’t want you going live in your group every week, let alone every day. Although building an audience is super exciting, it’s not always sustainable. It’s best not to set the expectation that you’re always available. Instead, pick maybe two or three different times throughout the month to go live. Make sure to shake up your dates and times so there isn’t an expectation that you’ll always be there on certain dates. 

You can also offer too much free content in your group. Like if you’re constantly holding live Q&As, people might not want to buy your paid offer because they know they can just go into your group and get free training or get their questions answered. 

Can I post upcoming classes in my paid group?

If the classes are for your paid group, absolutely! If you’ve got other courses outside of your paid group available, just read the room before promoting those. If your promotion for outside courses isn’t getting a lot of hearts or reactions, it’s probably a good sign that your paid group isn’t thrilled that the promo was posted there. 

How can you repurpose a dormant group? 

If you have a dormant group from something like a contest, you can always turn this into your new free group! Go into this group and make the members aware that you’ll be renaming and repurposing the group. This will let anyone who doesn’t want to be there leave. 

Another opinion is to tell your group that you’re creating a brand new group for this brand new purpose. There’s something in settings called “Member Pre-Approval.” And anyone in the first group that asks to join the new group doesn’t have to answer any of the joining questions before they’re automatically approved. It’s almost like they’re on an exclusive guest list!

How do I make my group more visible on Facebook? 

Some of the key factors in getting discovered are the name of your group and the description of your group. You also want to make sure you’re in different groups yourself, because the more groups you’re in, the more that those people in those groups are going to be suggested to be in your group. 

How do I get more engagement in my current group? 

Ask questions that are easy for group members to answer, and make it something that they can’t get wrong, like what their favorite stationary tool is. People also love to answer questions about themselves! Let them tell their story. 

You also want to use engaging posts, which can be related to the topic of your group…or not! One of the most engaging posts I’ve ever had was to ask my group members to share a picture of their pet. That post alone drove two week’s worth of engagement! And just a reminder, if you’re looking for engaging posts, the Engaged Groups Membership actually provides posts for you to put in your group, plus the captions and images. There’s a new batch out each month!

How do you organize things in your group? 

I used to use files all the time in my group, but I don’t do it anymore. I use units, and I use the featured session section in the group as well. You can also add content to a guide. You’re able to rearrange the order of guides and units. 

How do you change the name of your group? 

I would suggest giving your members a heads up before doing this, and let them know of any other changes you’ll be making. To change the name of your group, go into ‘Settings’ and at the very top you can change your name and description. 

What is the best way to grow your group and get more members? 

Challenges are a great way to grow and engage your group! 

Do you have a daily content posting schedule for your groups?

I don’t! You can actually over-post in your group so people become immune to seeing notifications from you. I post a couple of times a week. 

What are some creative ways to target your group members with Facebook Ads? 

If you have an email list of your group, you can take that list and create a lookalike audience from that list. You can use your email list, a list of people who are in your group, or even a list of your buyers. Facebook will then look at different people that appear to have similar interests and create a new audience for you. You can even specify how large you want that audience to be. 

I hope you enjoyed this first Q&A session on Facebook Groups! We have a lot more questions that I didn’t get to in this episode, so look out for part two! Thanks for listening!