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S3E9 | Engaging Your Free Group

Episode Description:

Get different strategies on how to engage your free group, and learn the importance of engaging posts!

Show notes

“When new members come into your group, they bring this new level of excitement and energy, their curiosity. They came into the group, it might be timely for them.” 

When you have a group of 40 people or less, it can be really hard to get your members to start engaging. It can feel like everyone’s in a room, staring at each other, waiting for someone else to break the ice. But don’t worry! I’m going to share a couple of ideas that you can use to get everyone engaging, and to get more people into your free group so engagement will rise!

Often when you reach 1,000 or more members, you can start to count on people posting in the group on their own. But this can also happen when you’re having some sort of event in your group as well! When you’re in your group during an event teaching, or there’s tasks for members to do and they have questions, that’s when you’ll get engagement and when people will post in the group on their own. 

One huge strategy for engagement is to post consistently. You can start by posting once a week, and then move it up to twice a week. The more you post in your group the better, with a slight exception. If you post in your group every day, your group can become overwhelmed with too much new content, and that can actually deter people from joining your group. I’d recommend making no more than 5 posts per week in your group, unless you’re doing a launch or some other event like a challenge. 

You also want to make sure that you keep bringing in new members! One of the great things about bringing new people into your group is that they’ll typically get engagement going in the group because they’re new, and are bringing in new questions and excitement to the group. New members will also see more of the posts from your group because Facebook will recognize that this is an important topic for them right now. 

You don’t want to have any barriers to new members joining your group, so make sure your group is easy to find, and keep your content organized so it isn’t overwhelming to newcomers. 

You’ll also want to have group-exclusive events to bring in new members, like challenges, trainings, and Facebook Lives. 

Another key is to use engaging posts in your group. Engaging posts don’t necessarily have to have anything to do with your group, they’re there to connect your members. One of the most engaging posts that I’ve used is a post that asked members to share a picture of their pets…because who doesn’t want to talk about their pets or see cute animal photos?? Everyone loves sharing stories about their pets, and it got so many conversations started!

An engaging post should be fun, and something people feel comfortable answering, like asking what their favorite book this year was, or asking them to share a picture of their work space. You can even ask for advice…people love to look smart. You should also keep these posts positive. Keep controversial topics out of your group. 

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Thanks for tuning in!