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S3E8 | Rewarding Members

Episode Description:

Sandra discusses ways to reward your members to encourage engagement and to inspire your other group members to contribute to the conversation!

Show notes

“If you’re going to have a community where you’re actually encouraging engagement, encouraging the contribution, guess what? You’re going to get more of that.”

Hey there, today I’m sharing some ideas of how you can reward the members in your free and paid groups! 

I love rewarding my group members, free or paid. It’s a great way to encourage them to engage and contribute to your group, and they’ll keep coming back for more! 

If you have a community and aren’t encouraging them to be active, a lot of times your members will drop off because they’ll feel like their contributions aren’t being appreciated, and they’ll go somewhere else. So here are some ideas to help you reward your group members!

My first recommendation is that you save all monetary prizes and rewards for your paid group. 

One of the ways I like to reward my paid group members is by purchasing an e-gift card to something like a very popular coffee place, screenshot the card’s QR code, and post it in my group. Then I let my members know that I’m celebrating something, like my birthday, the anniversary of the group, or the sale of my 100th membership, and tell them I want to celebrate that with them! 

Your members can then take that screenshot to the coffee shop, have it scanned, and get that coffee on you. This is such a great way to surprise and delight your members, even if they don’t end up getting that free coffee. 

Another idea for rewarding your members is that you can give out a prize to the top contributors in your group. In your Facebook group, if you go to “insights” and “membership,” you’ll be able to see your top 10 contributors. Maybe you only want to recognize the top three contributors. But screenshot your top members, and post that picture in your group. Thank these top contributors for helping to make your group awesome, and give them each a gift, like a $10 gift card to a coffee shop or your online store, or maybe a book relevant to your group. This sort of recognition will encourage other members to step up and be more engaging in the group. 

You can also look to see if a member is frequently answering questions, or offering support to the community, and you can send them a nice thank you message, or even a prize. 

You could even create a “Member of the Month,” and have the winner fill out a profile about themselves, like where they’re from and what their business is about. This is also great because the other people in the group will want to know more about this person because they’ve been helping out so much in the group. 

A Member of the Month post also deepens the connections between the others in your group and the winner, because when this person replies to things, the other members in the group already know who they are, and they feel that they already have an established relationship with them. You can also consider making this person a moderator in your group, since they’re so active. 

Highlighting an active member in your group can be really helpful for them if they have a small business they want to promote. You’re just giving them a bit more visibility. 

Something else I like to do is to feature my paid members in a live cast, where they can drop the links to their own Facebook groups and get more members. I’ve done this in the past, and those I bring on will talk about their experiences working with me and what their own groups are doing. It was a really fun thing, and it’s great to feature your paid members. It also makes those watching want to be one of those featured people too. It’s really inspiring and motivating for them to want to be the next person up there. 

One last idea to implement in your free or paid groups is to provide new content after you get 100 new members into your group. This could be a workshop, or even a program that’s usually not free, and you’ll offer it to everyone in your group to celebrate. You can do this again and offer it as a challenge. Tell your members if they can get 1,000 new members into your group, you’ll be offering a brand new workshop or program to the entire group. You’d be surprised how quickly your current members will go find new group members!

Rewarding your members is something I talk a lot about in my membership, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested! Thanks for tuning in!